Portable Data Aggregation and Network Security

The PetroDAQ Secure Rig Server is a powerful, compact and lightweight solution that provides all the hardware necessary to run complex modeling applications and data aggregation operations at the rig site. Designed for portability in high-performance applications, it combines a powerful processing unit with a secure Cisco router, and remote control capabilities.

Affordable and Advanced

Our Secure Rig Server provides clients with a low-cost secure network providing firewall protection and control of digital data from multiple sources and protocols on the rig. To match your specific requirements, the Secure Rig Server, as well as any of our products, can be customized around your needs.


  • High performance industrial computer
  • Integrated firewall allowing secure VPNs from the rig to the office
  • Portable and rugged
  • Remote control capabilities

The PetroDAQ Secure Rig Server units have been deployed internationally by a major service company.

Also available in a rack mounted version – Slim Secure Server.