The Secure Way to Work

A smart alternative to clients setting up a wireless network on their own, PetroDMZ provides a secure network on the rig in which everyone can cohabitate. In cases where it is not cost effective to extend the operator’s corporate network to all rigs, PetroDMZ provides this low cost alternative as a service to securely aggregate data from all service providers granting a single network all authorized parties can access.

Customized Security

100% customizable to your needs, PetroDMZ is a specialized platform providing firewall protection and control of digital data from multiple sources and protocols on the rig. Depending on the situation, access between ports may be granted or blocked by an administrator, giving you greater control.


  • Isolation between contractors
  • Provides the ability for contractor and operator to have similar access
  • Flexibility in system configuration
  • Designed to be intrinsically safe
  • Built-in format conversion supporting all known protocols
  • Custom configurations available
  • Supports remote software configuration
  • Data buffering