The PetroDAQ Electronic Data Recorder (EDR) with the right software, is a complete solution for unmanned mudlogging operations. With 40 analog inputs, digital I/O, and the PetroDAQ acquisition software, this EDR is a complete solution for all surface data acquisition in drilling operations.


PetroDAQ EDR is a rack mountable unit with a processing unit, and a connection panel.

The connection panel uses the common Phoenix header style connectors, allowing you to bring the sensor data to the unit without the need to use specialized connectors.

Analog Inputs

The PetroDAQ Mudlogging EDR features a large number of analog inputs for all the sensors at the mud pits and the rig floor.

All ports can provide +5V, +12V, and +24V power to the sensors.

A purpose built current to voltage converter allows you to use the 5V TTL counter for current loop counters.

Analog input # of Ports
0-20mA Current Loop 27
±10V 3
5V TTL Counter 8
Quadrature Decoder 2

Digital I/O

The digital I/O ports provided with the Mudlogging EDR allow the aggregation of digital information from other contractors--typically the directional driller--to share information with third parties and the connection to multiple networks.

An external USB port and a video VGA port allow you to connect a keyboard, mouse and a monitor to the unit for local control.

Function # of Ports
Serial RS-232 DB9 2
Ethernet 2