A Higher Form of Oilfield Intelligence

Poor quality data spreads like a virus. Once it gets into your corporate network, if it’s the wrong information, it can cause significant problems. To help clients avoid this issue, PetroDAQ has created a solution unique in the industry. Our Intelligent Appliance™ is based on our Format Converter Appliance technology but also acts as a data aggregator, allowing you to pull data from more than one source and convert it for distribution. It also runs any number of algorithms to enhance raw data. One use is the ability to intelligently qualify the raw data to ensure you receive correct, vetted information. Like our Format Converter Appliance, Intelligent Appliance also enables you to standardize data and reduce costs.

Augmented Information

The industry's most versatile solution, PetroDAQ Intelligent Appliance allows you to embed intelligent workflows to augment the raw real-time data with additional information such as onsite calculated information, like data quality assessment and mechanical specific energy.

Benefits include:

  • The ability to aggregate information on site
  • Can do math at point of acquisition, which saves you when you have network outages, and also saves in latency and delay time of data delivery
  • Security to help the rig be autonomous
  • Ability to answer additional questions such as standardized calculations and formulas, and data quality assessments

Intelligent Appliance Plus

The Intelligent Appliance Plus has all the features and functionality of the Intelligent Appliance, and additionally allows you to visualize data onsite and has some limited persistent data storage. Now you can deliver augmented information into drillers' hands onsite so you can run self-contained rigs, even when there's no connection to the office.