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    Data from the Rig to the Office to Everyone, Seamlessly
    At PetroDAQ we provide solutions for:
    - Multi-source and high-frequency data collection at the rig site
    - Secure and universal data collection & aggregation
    - Edge data analytics
    Such solutions are provided via our universal data acquisition system UniDAQ
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    Scalability Designed to Fit Any Configuration
    At PetroDAQ, our universal data acquisition and conversion system UniDAQ efficiently links all data providers
    with data users involved in Exploration & Production. Once data is aggregated via UniDAQ, Rig systems,
    service companies, Real-Time Operations Centers, drilling engineers, geophysicists, data scientists, share
    the right information, so that critical decisions can be taken at the right time, based on reliable data.
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    Integrated system with Analytics on the Edge
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Universal data you can use
wherever, whenever
Reliable and proven solutions
for your digital oilfield needs
June 19th – 20th, 2019
IADC World Drilling Conference in Milan