Full Data Aggregation & Acquisition – UniDAQ HF

PetroDAQ’s unique universal Data Acquisition System UniDAQ HF will gather data from both acquisition systems and sensing devices, providing QC and calibration of data and acquiring data at high frequency.

Universal Data Acquisition – Integrated System with Analytics on the Edge UniDAQ is a universal data acquisition device that acquires sensor and field equipment data from a variety of data sources on any site. It simplifies data acquisition by providing one integrated system. Data is acquired using standard industrial methods and protocols, analogue, digital, Modbus and OPC among others. It translates and presents readings and selected metadata via an embedded OPC UA server. This provides easy access for 3rd party applications and devices with a standardized, secure, widely accepted OPC protocol.

If high frequency data is required, the client needs to have access to such data instead of the standard WITS or WITSML output which is typically:

at 0.2 Hz
(one value every 5 seconds) –
and at best 1 Hz
(one value every 1 second).

UniDAQ HF can do that.

With PetroDAQ you can build your own customized data visualization. The video above is sample of LWD Display.

The video above is sample of well profile display.