Making Data Available 100% of the Time

To maintain productivity, operators need to have a backbone of information on the rig that is always available. PetroDAQ’s Dual Rig Server offers a cost effective back-up solution to ensure redundancy. Two computers built into one, Dual Rig Server is a fully self-contained unit to run an entire corporate infrastructure at the rig and allow all your service providers to cooperate.

The unit conveniently includes an IP switch which allows the motherboards to each be powered on or off remotely via an Internet connection. This reduces the need for extra personnel on the rig, reducing exposure and increasing safety.

IP Switch advanced features:

  • Allows you to monitor status, view logs, and change advanced settings and configurations via web browser
  • Up to 20 schedules may be set to turn power on/off to specific ports at specified times
  • Timed Power-Cycling
  • Logs to keep track of when the unit had to reset power
  • Dynamic DNS Support & Remote Admin allows customers to log in via the web to access controls, view logs, and remotely turn on/off power to specific ports or reset power