PetroDAQ Launches the Intelligent Appliance for seamless Conversion from Any Input Protocol to Any Output Protocol



PetroDAQ's Data Acquisition and Aggregation Software Tool (PetroDAS) is a high-performance and versatile software tool allowing us to rapidly develop solutions for the collection and conversion of Analog and Digital sources.

PetroDAS is a flexible Data Acquisition and Aggregation solution for collecting data from Analog and Digital sources, and its delivery to third parties.

PetroDAS supports all sensor types used in the Oil and Gas industry, including Rig Floors Sensors (Hookload, Pressure, RPM, Torque, Block Position, etc), Pits Sensors (Level, RPM, Flow In/Out Density & Temperature, etc), and other sensor types.

PetroDAS can also aggregate data in Digital formats, such as the WITS data from other contractors at the rig, or the Instrumentation PLC pre-installed at the rig.

System Architecture

PetroDAS is a multi-threaded application, where each component acts independently. This designs allows for high data rate measurements and transmission, even when interruptions occur in the Inputs or Outputs.

PetroDAS System Architecture.

PetroDAS System Architecture.
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Inputs and Outputs

PetroDAS supports simultaneous input from multiple sources, and output to multiple destinations. Examples include the aggregation of data from multiple contractors at the rig, and delivery to one or more real-time systems.

In addition to pure Digital Inputs, PetroDAS handles Analog sensors as part of the data stream. The Built-In calibration functionality allows the user to easily set the calibration points for each sensor.

Once an Input source has been demultiplexed, any of the channels can be sent to any of the destination Outputs.

PetroDAS supports many Industrial Automation and Oil and Gas specific formats and protocols. For the complete list, please see PetroDAS Transport and Protocol support page.

Sensor Calibration

PetroDAS includes a Sensor Calibration facility that allows you to calibrate the sensor response to Engineering Values as needed.

The calibration types include Linear, Exponential, and Drawworks sensor response profiles.

The calibration can be performed prior to the operation start, or on the fly during the operation. The re-calibrated values are output immediately after the operator completes the calibration routine.

Sensor Calibration for an Exponential Response Sensor


PetroDAS System provides an interface for scripting calculations. It allows to apply on-the-fly data processing to the Input and Output channels.

PetroDAS uses Python as the programming language for scripting.

PetroDAS Input Dataflow showing calculations

Detailed information of the scripting capabilities of PetroDAS can be found in the PetroDAQ Scripting Documentation


Buffering in PetroDAS is implemented with a high speed binary database, optimized for fast data acquisition.

The Buffer acts as a tape loop, ensuring that the disk space in the unit is not completely used up.

Real-time and Web-Service API

PetroDAS implements a fast and efficient Real-time data transmission and web-service API for Configurations, Visualization, and Synchronization with other systems.

The PetroDAS Remote application takes advantage of the Web-Service API for all system configuration, using the web-service API defined in the PetroDAS WSDL, and the following data schemas:


PetroDAQ software products are available for licensing as standalone products, or bundled with our Hardware and application specific Solutions.

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